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Latest Updates

September 25, 2016

Shadowhawk is an unreleased game based on the comic of the same name. It went unreleased as they were unable to find a publisher. A prototype of this game has long been known to exist, but it wasn't until now that the game has been widely available. I have looked into the history of the prototype, and give a brief overview of the game.

August 21, 2016
25th anniversary of the release of the SNES

August 21st marks the 25th anniversary of the earliest confirmed date that the Super NES hit stores in North America. Although the official launch date was September 9, 1991, it was in stores in select locations like California between the 21st and 23rd of August in 1991. I've just posted an article discussing the launch of the Super NES, including the Canadian launch, and an assessment of the titles that were likely available at the official September 9th launch.

August 14, 2016
Update on uploading scans

It has been a few months since I have posted on the front page, but that doesn't mean that updates haven't been happening! During the past few months, I have (intermittently) been going through every single folder on this site, doing some housekeeping on the files, and uploading scans made by byuu. Thus far, I have made it through the first 400 entries in this site, though the amount of pages I have done is actually somewhat more than that, because I focused first on finishing pages with scans that I did (I completed that task in May). I estimate that I have uploaded scans for half the SNES (US-based) releases! I am able to go through between 8 and 10 games in an hour, accounting for the time it takes to crop, rename and document the scans.

I'm not really at the point where I want to start soliciting for more scans, except for one thing. I would like to make an article on the launch of the SNES in North America, and I am looking for PCB scans of Super Mario World. I would like to have the article done by the beginning of September, so if you have a PCB scan of SMW, please email it to me!

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